Adam’s Top 10 Horror Movies of 2016

Before compiling this list I was thinking 2016 was a weak year for horror, at least in the movies anyway, real life is a different story, but after looking over what came out this year I had a terribly tough time whittling


Top 50 of 2016 (#50 – #26): KEVIN RAKESTRAW

Interestingly enough, 52% (13 out of 25) of these titles that comprise the first half of my year-end list came by way of various internet outlets. The most of which (6) were viewed via; while Mubi, FestivalScope and personal Vimeo


2016 Performance Overview – Male (Lead/Supporting)

Like always, there are a number of performances missing from my year-end list due to the fact that I have not seen said performances. Performances such as Mahershala Ali in Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight or Casey Affleck in Kenneth Lonergan’s Manchester by the Sea, to

Spider Veins

A Year in Short(s)

There were a bevy of short films in the year 2016; so many that the majority of them would have tied in various spots on my Top 50 Films of the Year, so I have assembled those shorts here, culled from a diverse selection of online offerings (Filmmaker Magazine, NoBudge, Booooooom, Kinet.Media, Vimeo, and Mubi). Plenty more to be found in my Top 50.


Short Film: Alex Winter’s RELATIVELY FREE

Field of Vision has released their latest short-form documentary online today with Alex Winter‘s Relatively Free, a film about journalist Barrett Brown reflecting on his recent incarceration as his parents drive him to a halfway house.

If you’re not familiar with Field


Kickstart Sunday: Rooftop Films

If you’re a film fan living in New York, odds are you’re familiar with the fantastic Rooftop Films organization and the great screenings they exhibit throughout the city. I was fortunate enough to be invited to one of their events when


Kickstart Sunday: BLOOD MACHINES

About a year ago I saw this awesome music video for Carpenter Brut‘s song Turbo Killer- a throwback to glorious ’80s genre cinema and music videos. Sure, nostalgia is all the rage now and we’ve seen a boatload of other films emulating

Watch Wes Anderson’s New Holiday-themed Short

Christmas has come early for Wes Anderson fans, as the director has reteamed with The Darjeeling Limited star Adrien Brody for a new train-centric adventure. The short film is a pretty inventive, and probably expensive, way for H&M to advertise some new


Kickstart Sunday: THE SOUNDING

This week’s Kickstart Sunday pick comes to us from director Catherine Eaton and her upcoming mystery The Sounding. Expanded from a short film by the same name, The Sounding revolves around a young woman living with her grandfather on a remote island who



This week’s Kickstart Sunday pick comes to us from the master of schlock himself, Frank Henenlotter, and his upcoming documentary The Trial of Mike Diana. If the name doesn’t sound familiar, Mike Diana was a cartoonist who, in 1994, was arrested and


Kickstart Sunday: TORMENTING THE HEN

This week on Kickstart Sunday, we’re looking at the latest feature film from director Theodore Collatos (Dipso), titled Tormenting the Hen. The film is a psychological thriller about a couple heading to a rural town in order to show off their play at a