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UNSUNG INDIES: Theodore Collatos’s DIPSO

Collatos presents a man in the throes of recovery, pinned in between a collection of loved ones concurrently assisting and compounding the difficulty inherent within because of their mutual affections of shared coping mechanisms, within a healthy dose of naturalism; scripted scenes are almost indistinguishable from the rawness of the realism-infused ones with drunken antics and familial dialogues accompanied with the debris of reality playing out in faithfulness rendering identification of the borderlines a murky endeavor.


Kickstart Sunday: THE MISANDRISTS

Although I’m not the biggest fan of his films, I have a pointed respect for Bruce LaBruce and his avant-garde, boundary-pushing body of work. His next film project, The Misandrists, revolves around a secret cell of feminists who hatch a plan


Kickstart Sunday: Save The Chelsea Film Festival

In this week’s Kickstart Sunday I’d like to highlight the campaign to save the Chelsea Film Festival in New York City. If successfully funded, this will mark the fourth edition of the festival, which began in 2013, focusing on emerging talents within the

ThePark1 10


A sequence of tableau vivants plotted out along the route of the camera, but unlike traditional tableau vivants Maroufi does not simply present these configurations from a distance to be admired for the picturesque qualities of their imitations;


Kickstart Sunday: BRAD CUTS LOOSE

Ok so I know I’m a day late on this one, but I didn’t want to cause confusion by temporarily calling this feature Kickstart Monday so I’m keeping it how it is. This week, we’re featuring Christopher Good‘s latest short film,

Some Beasts 8.5


In his debut, Cameron Bruce Nelson has managed to present an effective portrait of humility in slow burn, a case study on the matter of adaptability as the nature of Sal’s situation remains in a constant state of flux, trying in earnest to readjust until finally realizing that he may not belong or be able to make do as nature decisively states its dominance emphatically. A bittersweet tale occupying the margins of the in between, in between the dusk of unrealized, cast off dreams and the threshold of promise and new beginnings.

NFH1 10

10 out of 10: NEWS FROM HOME

The purview of the visuals consists of Akerman’s new residency, New York City; but, unlike city symphony films of the past wherein the experimental, poetic structure of the images are meant (in most instances) to enlighten the viewer as to the spirit and overall culture of the city itself and its citizens (which is still incidentally captured), Akerman inverts the intentions of these images by employing them as a signifier of her circumstances, the emotional landscape she finds herself in while attempting to carve out a path for herself in a foreign country, away from those she loves.

JO12S 9


McDonnell fully immerses the viewer in the world of John’s of 12th Street, guiding the audience through the in-the-kitchen execution of the menu to the restaurant-managing of stock deliveries and discrepancies to the actual patrons themselves (the film even follows along on take-out deliveries). She keeps it simple (or at least gives the appearance of simplicity) letting the ambiance speak for itself while the community inside do much of the heavy lifting, most everyone has a story to tell (or an anecdote or philosophy to share) and McDonnell kindly provides the allure of an audience.

You Wont Miss Me 9.5


When it comes to the soul set out on display in Ry Russo-Young’s You Won’t Miss Me, the subject of ownership remains indistinguishable; working from a screenplay, co-written with lead actress Stella Schnabel, which appears to contain a number of illustrations of unmitigated truth interspersed with dramatizations of breaking into the acting business. Whether these naked portrayals free from pretense stem from Schnabel’s personal life (perhaps, playing a version of herself) or Russo-Young’s (or they may even be an assemblage of collected experiences) is irrelevant since both present the character of Shelly with such conviction and consideration they render her life experiences an unquestionable actuality.


Kickstart Sunday: POWER OF GRAYSKULL

Before He-Man was a meme, he was the star of one of of my favorite cartoons/toys as a child, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Now, the team that brought us the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles doc, Turtle

Tears of God 2 9.5


Death is abundant in Tears of God, the feature-length debut from writer/director Robert Hillyer Barnett (co-written with Diamando Proimos), manufactured at the hands of others or cultivated within the familiar palms of their own. Either way, death is a pervasive condition afflicting the congregation of a small church (of sorts) nestled in the snow-covered, mountainous landscape where they worship and suffer; live and, ultimately, die.


Kickstart Sunday: ROSIE, OH

This week’s Kickstart Sunday pick comes to us from Apple Xenos and Andy Koeger with the short film Rosie, Oh. This great looking short film revolves around a young girl looking for her missing dog who wanders into her eclectic neighbor’s


Top 20 Movies of 2015: Ernie Trinidad

The year-end lists continue to roll out as Film Pulse contributor Ernie Trinidad counts down his top 20 films of 2015. Although it shouldn’t be a big surprise, we now have three writers who have chosen Mad Max: Fury Road as the