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From 2007 to 2012, the county of Bridgend, Wales, had 79 reported cases of individuals committing suicide, most of whom were teenagers who left no note and chose to hang themselves in the nearby forest. Director Jeppe Rønde, whose background is in documentary filmmaking, followed the teens living there for six years, compiling their stories for this film, titled Bridgend, a fictionalized version of a very real and very strange occurrence plaguing this county.

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Scherzo Diabolico, the latest film from Adrián García Bogliano, is a twisted tale of revenge that continually subverts the viewer’s theories about where it’s going and how it’s going to end. It’s a tough film to watch and an even tougher one to write about, considering the unique narrative path it takes, but this proves to be Bogliano’s best film yet, featuring a completely insane conclusion that shocked even a horror nut like myself.

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Tribeca 2016: DEAN Review

Writer/director/star Demetri Martin delivers in his directorial debut, Dean, a story about a man struggling to make sense of his world. Known to many as a contributor on The Daily Show and his show Important Things with Demetri Martin, the stand-up comedian is also a New York Times best-selling author, who undoubtedly pulls from his real-life experiences in this movie about an illustrator named Dean who is stuck in a rut.

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Tribeca 2016: TIGER RAID Review

War is a nasty, dirty, ugly thing, and Simon Dixon’s directorial debut, Tiger Raid, conveys this hell on earth by telling the story of two despicable mercenaries on a mission to perpetrate a kidnapping in Iraq.

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Tribeca 2016: LOVETRUE Review

After falling in love with Alma Har'el's striking 2011 documentary Bombay Beach, I was naturally quite anxious and excited to learn her next feature, Lovetrue, has been finished and would be premiering at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. Thankfully, Har’el has once again proven she has a unique vision within the documentary world, injecting some much-needed style into a genre that I feel is oversaturated and overwrought with the same stories told over and over.

Demetri Martin as Dean in the film DEAN. Photographer: Nate Harrison

Tribeca 2016: Jury Award Winners Announced

As this year’s edition of the Tribeca Film Festival comes to a close, the jury award winners for 2016 have been announced. Winners include Demetri Martin‘s directorial debut Dean for Best Narrative, Michael Ragen winning Best Cinematography for Kicks, and Udi Aloni‘s Junction

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Tribeca 2016: KING COBRA Review

Always cautious to recognize that the real-life version of what we’re seeing on screen might have been drastically different from what is presented in the film, I can fully appreciate that King Cobra is filmmaker Justin Kelly’s dramatic interpretation of the real-life story of a young porn star who becomes caught in the middle of a deadly industry rivalry. That said, it is a movie full of interesting characters that is well told, well shot and unlike any other murder-mystery film I’ve seen.

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Tribeca 2016: ACTOR MARTINEZ Review

While Hollywood churns out nothing but big, over-the-top fantasy films, the indie scene has been defiantly pushing in the opposite direction for years, delivering hyper-realistic stories that frequently blur the lines of fact and fiction.

Last year’s Heaven Knows What was one that, at times, felt more like a documentary than narrative, and I absolutely loved it. Now, Nathan Silver and Mike Ott are here to even further blur these lines with Actor Martinez, a comedically tragic piece of genius filmmaking that, try as you might, you never know exactly what’s going on, its most endearing quality.