Fantastic Fest 2016: Poster Doc 24×36 Gets a Trailer

As someone who loves good poster art as well as docs about the movies, I’m very excited to check out Kevin Burke’s 24×36, which explores the art of the documentary will be premiering at this year’s Fantastic Fest in Austin, kicking off September 22nd


Fantastic Fest 2016 Announces First Wave of Titles

There are plenty of film festivals I love, and even more that I have a general fondness for, but Austin’s Fantastic Fest is one that I truly adore. The first wave of films for this year’s program have been revealed, which includes

dont_think_twice 7


Mike Birbiglia’s sophomore feature, Don’t Think Twice, chronicles the lives of six friends in New York City who spend their nights as the resident cast members of an improv comedy troupe called The Commune.

0714 arts fantasia

Japan Cuts 2016 Announces Full Lineup

Japan Cuts, New York’s modern Japanese film festival has announced the full lineup for its 10th edition, taking place July 14 – 24. Among the packed lineup (that I’m still combing through) are two new films from Sion Sono

TCAPoster 6


The passion behind Nicholas Bateman’s feature-length debut, The Circus Animals, is certainly evident throughout; one could go insofar as labelling the passion palpable or tangible, in a way, since it saturates every character interaction within every scene. It’s a film that admittedly wears its heart on its proverbial sleeve as every opportunity to thrust the emotion to the forefront is met with an eagerness that is situated as one of the film’s main strengths and, ultimately, its weakness all at once.

nuts 8

NUTS! Review

In 1917, a doctor by the name of John Romulus Brinkley performed an experimental surgery transplanting goat testicles into an impotent man in order to cure him of his ailment. To the man’s surprise, nine months later he was a father, and word quickly spread of J. R. Brinkley’s miracle scrotal surgery, bringing him fame and fortune.


2016 Brooklyn Film Festival Award Winners Announced

The 2016 Brooklyn film festival has wrapped in New York City and the award winners from this year’s fest have been announced. Kieran Valla‘s Delinquent picked up the Grand Chameleon Award along with Best Narrative Feature, and the film’s lead, Alex

Misfortune_poster 6


Desmond Davenish’s tightly wound crime thriller Misfortune is a slight, but ultimately rewarding, tale about the aftermath of a heist gone wrong and the ripple effect it causes to the next generation.

virtual_revolution_filmposter 4.5


With VR technology finally becoming something consumers can experience with the release of the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and, to a lesser extent, Samsung Gear VR, it seems only fitting that we would start getting films that paint a picture of what our future could be like if this technology explodes into the mainstream and evolves into something much more than a simple device to play games and watch media.

king-jack-poster 7


Ah, another film festival and another coming-of-age story set in a decaying rural community. Even as a fan of the coming-of-age tale, I was just about to wash my hands of movies like this, but then King Jack went and won me over with its strong visuals and a breakout performance from Charlie Plummer.