Sundance 2017: Award Winners Announced

The 2017 Sundance Film Festival is wrapping up in Park City and with that this year’s award winners have been announced. Macon Blair‘s directorial debut I Don’t Feel Home in This World Anymore won the U.S. Grand Jury Prize for dramatic narrative

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Slamdance 2017: WEXFORD PLAZA Review

A diptych on the inner lives of supporting characters, each afforded the lead in their own half of the film, is how writer/director Joyce Wong decides to explore the ups and downs of the people that usually occupy the margins of a film in her debut, Wexford Plaza. A series of interactions, both intimate and social, taking place within the vacant spaces of a strip mall tilting towards dereliction, of well-meaning intentions unraveling the frayed strands of two lives to differing degrees.


34th Miami Film Festival Announces Full 2017 Lineup

The 34th edition of the Miami Film Festival is set to kick off March 3rd – 12th and today the full lineup of films has been announced. This year’s festival will feature 131 feature narratives, docs, and shorts from 40 different countries.

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Slamdance 2017: KURO Review

An experiment in narrative storytelling, Joji Koyama and Tujiko Noriko’s Kuro sets out to rethink and/or reappropriate certain modes of storytelling within the cinematic landscape. Its experimentation is as refined as it is all-encompassing resulting in an intriguing film-viewing experience as the imagery and sounds of Kuro (almost) never exist within the same spatial reality, each specific aspect detailing different moments in time, concurrently as an overlay of past and present.

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Slamdance 2017: WITHDRAWN Review

Withdrawn is a fitting title for Adrian Murray’s feature-length debut as nearly every aspect of the production appears to inhabit some form of withdrawal within its process. Granted, the title seems to directly refer to the specifics of the film’s narrative regarding a young man plotting to withdraw funds from someone else’s misplaced credit card, but it also extends itself outward, permeating every inch of the film’s fabric.

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Slamdance 2017: DIM THE FLUORESCENTS Review

The world of cinema set-ups is chockablock with the familiar and the unique and in the case of Dim the Fluorescents, director Daniel Warth alongside co-writer Miles Barstead have pooled the two into a unique take of a familiar narrative. The familiar: focusing on the plight of the struggling artist; the unique: the struggling artists in this case bide their time by producing and performing elaborate demonstrations for companies and corporations.

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Slamdance 2017: STRAD STYLE Review

Stefan Avalos’ Strad Style opens with an ominous shot of the lead subject, Daniel Houck, burning what appears to be pieces of a violin in a fire, a stressful way to begin a documentary about a small-town guy attempting to make a 100 percent accurate version of arguably the most famous and expensive violin in the world, Guarneri’s Il Cannone.

Slamdance 2017: Adrian Murray’s WITHDRAWN Trailer

A festival trailer for Adrian Murray‘s comedy Withdrawn has been released ahead of its premiere at this year’s Slamdance Film Festival in Park City. The film revolves around Aaron, a slacker living in a basement who finds a credit card and decides

Slamdance 2017: Jordan Canning’s SUCK IT UP Trailer

A festival trailer has been released for Jordan Canning‘s comedy Suck It Up, making its premiere at this year’s Slamdance Film Festival. Written by Julia Hoff, the film stars Erin Carter and Grace Glowicki as two best friends heading to the mountains in order