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Tribeca 2017: THE BOY DOWNSTAIRS Review

Sophie Brooks’ script is snappy and fun, injecting a smart indie vibe into what would otherwise be a by-the-numbers rom-com, however with all those trappings present, it’s easy to see where all this is going to go.


Tribeca 2017: THE CLAPPER Review

The Clapper is an exercise in patience that rewards viewers with a tacked-on conclusion that does nothing but reinforce the fact that this a film filled with squandered talent and sloppy storytelling.


Tribeca 2017: THE ENDLESS Review

The Endless is a masterfully crafted genre hybrid that solidifies Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead as two of the most interesting and uniquely voiced directors working today.


Hudson Horror Show Announces 15th Installment

The Hudson Horror Show is back with another great batch of horror flicks presented in all their 35mm glory. The 15th installment of the festival will include screenings of Frankenhooker, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3, Piranha, and The Hidden, plus a

Tribeca 2017: Pat Healy’s TAKE ME Gets a Trailer

The Orchard has released the trailer for Pat Healy‘s upcoming directorial debut, Take Me, set  to premiere at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. The film stars Healy as the owner of Kidnap Solutions, LLC, a company specializing in simulated kidnappings. After getting

2017 Tribeca Film Festival Announces Majority of Lineup

2017 Tribeca Film Festival Announces Majority of Lineup

The majority of the lineup for the 16th Tribeca Film Festival has been announced, with the festival releasing 82 of 98 features. Categories include Competition, Spotlight, Viewpoints and Midnight sections. More special screenings will be announced next week.

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