Podcast: Ryan Watches a Movie 251 – LUCY

This week, in honor of Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets hitting theaters, Ryan watches another Luc Besson directed film with Lucy.

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Ryan’s Score: 7/10

Ryan’s Synopsis: She morphs into a USB stick.



  • Clark

    Somebody please start the “Mob-edy” list on LetterBoxd. Would follow.

    • We’re on it. Except I really hate them so maybe Kevin can do it.

    • Rakestraw

      If I did, it would just be Johnny Dangerously listed 50 times

      • Clark

        Let us not forget Kevin McDonald’s turn as “Guppy Calzone” in The Godson. Oof.

        • Oh geez, I remember that one. Great, now I feel compelled to create this list.

      • The first one I’m adding to the list is Corky Romano.