2020 Chattanooga Film Festival Announces Virtual Lineup

2020 Chattanooga Film Festival Announces Virtual Lineup 1
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The Chattanooga Film Festival has gone virtual this year and this evening the full lineup of titles have been announced.

The impressive lineup of genre titles is accentuated with discussions from the likes of Joe Bob Briggs and Joe Dante among others.

You can get full access to the entire festival for just 30 bucks, which is a steal, and a portion of the proceeds will go back in the pockets of the filmmakers participating in the fest. The festival will be taking place May 22 – 25.

Take a look below for the full lineup and click over to chattfilmfest.org for more information.

THE ANTENNA | Director Orcun Behram
Turkey, 2019
In a dystopian Turkey, the Government begins installing new TV antennas to homes throughout the country. Mehmet, a superintendent at a crumbling apartment complex, has to supervise the installation of the new antenna. When the broadcast it transmits begins to menace the residents of the apartment complex. Mehmet must seek out the spiteful entity.

ATTACK OF THE DEMONS | Director Eric Power
USA, 2019
The year is 1994… For centuries, a demonic cult has been plotting the destruction of mankind. When a small Colorado town is overrun by a legion of mutating demons, three non-demon hunter friends must use every skill their minds can fathom to stave off the demon apocalypse.

THE BEACH HOUSE  |  Director Jeffrey A. Brown
USA, 2019
A romantic getaway for two troubled college sweethearts turns into a struggle for survival when unexpected guests – and the surrounding environment – exhibit signs of a mysterious infection.

BEING NATURAL  |  Director Tadashi Nagayama
Japan, 2019
Caring for his uncle with dementia, Taka lodges in an idyllic thatched cottage in the countryside. When the uncle’s son Mitsuaki returns, his quiet life of caring and bongo-playing seems in doubt, until he and childhood friend Sho are reunited in friendship. But unwelcome visits by a nature-obsessed family from Tokyo threaten to overturn this bucolic existence. At heart a gentle pastoral comedy and satire of romanticised country life, in the hands of Tadashi Nagayama (director of 2016’s Journey of the Tortoise), events start to take a very unexpected direction.

BERSERKER | Director Jefferson Richard
USA, 1987
Presented by Vinegar Syndrome
Six people renting a cabin in the woods of Utah run afoul of a legendary viking warrior who dons the claws and mouth of a bear, with no help in sight.

Mickey Reese
USA, 2019
Presented by Fantastic Fest
Two sisters, Alma and Elizabeth, along with a dog who’s described as a “philosopher,” have come to Alma’s remote house to reconnect with Wesley after 20 years. Alma is recently divorced, Elizabeth is a workaholic in Washington, D.C., and Wesley lives in Paris dealing with a wife recently struck with a fatal disease. When the three come together for dinner, it has all the makings of a lovely adult melodrama about loneliness, and the desire to connect and share our lives with someone … but we must add to the mix one otherworldly piece of information: Wesley could be a vampire.

DEMENTER  |  Director Chad Crawford Kinkle
USA, 2019
After fleeing a backwoods cult, a woman tries to turn her life around by taking a job in a home for special needs adults, only to discover she must face her dark past to save a Down syndrome girl.

DIRTY GOD | Director Sacha Polak
Netherlands/United Kingdom/Belgium/Ireland, 2019
Jade is a young mother in the prime of her life when an acid attack leaves her severely burned. While her face has been reconstructed, her beauty is lost beneath the scars. Descending a self-destructive path with relationships crumbling, Jade must take drastic action to reclaim her life.

EAT BRAINS LOVE  |  Director Rodman Flender
USA, 2019
An ordinary lunch hour explodes in an orgy of spurting blood and flying organs when stoner Jake Stephens and cheerleader Amanda Blake suddenly gut-munch half their class in the school cafeteria. Afflicted with a zombie virus, they hit the road in search of a cure while outrunning Cass, a telepath charged with hunting and killing the infected. Can Jake and Amanda find love while eating their way through the national sex offender registry? The director of IDLE HANDS delivers an outrageous gore-soaked zom-rom-com.

FULCI FOR FAKE | Director Simone Scafidi
Italy, 2019
The first biopic about Lucio Fulci, with never seen before footage, photos and interviews.

HELL RIDERS  |  Director James Bryan
USA, 1984
Presented by Vinegar Syndrome
The ‘Hell Riders’ are the most vicious members of a southern California biker gang; so extreme in their activities that they’ve been pushed out of their gang and are now on their own, roaming the countryside on the lookout for people to terrorize. After attacking a stranded woman, who manages to escape to a nearby town, the Hell Riders decide to pursue her, eventually ending up in the town as well and begin violently taking out anyone who has the misfortune of ending up in their bloodthirsty path.

HOLLYWOOD HORROR HOUSE  |  Director Donald Wolfe
USA, 1970
Presented by Vinegar Syndrome
An aging actress living in her Hollywood mansion with a retinue of elderly servants employs a new, mentally disturbed, personal assistant who schemes to take over the large estate.

HOMEWRECKER | Director Zach Gayne
Canada, 2019
Michelle is in her early 30s. Linda is in her late 40s. Michelle is an interior designer and newlywed to Robert. Linda lives alone; she fills her days with painting and exercise classes. Seeking a new friend, Linda pursues Michelle after one of their classes together, insisting the young designer come over to assess Linda’s self-described dump. Played out as an attempt to cheer Michelle up about her doubts on marriage, Linda, rippling with an undercurrent of startling jealousy and delusion, begins an intricate game of cat and mouse between her and the younger woman – a woman she doesn’t intend to let go of anytime soon.

JUMBO | Director Zoé Wittock
France, 2020
Based on a true story, the film follows Jeanne, a shy young woman who lives at home with her uninhibited mother and works as a cleaner at an amusement park. During her late-night shifts, she begins spending time with the alluring new Tilt-A-Whirl ride that she decides to call Jumbo — and she strikes an intimate bond with the ride. She ends up being seduced by “his” red lights, smooth chrome and oily hydraulics. As a result, she wants to pursue a thrilling new relationship with Jumbo.

KILLER QUEEN  |  Director Ramin Fahrenheit
Canada, 2019
Two transients, a drug dealer and a lonely Girl cross paths over a drug meetup, but their similarities lead to an unusual affair. With the insistence of the Girl, one night the Boy takes her to a carefully planned robbery, but they choose the wrong victims—a sinister middle-aged couple with the passion of researching  poisonous plants. The incident reveals a dark secret about the Girl—a disturbed sociopath and an active serial killer.        

KOKO DI KOKO DA  |  Director Johannes Nyholm
Sweden, 2019
As a couple goes on a trip to find their way back to each other, a sideshow artist and his shady entourage emerge from the woods, terrorizing them, luring them deeper into a maelstrom of psychological terror and humiliating slapstick.

RED WHITE AND WASTED  |  Directors Andrei Bowden Schwartz, Sam B. Jones
USA, 2019
A documentary with an unapologetic immersion into Florida’s redneck mudding culture. Video Pat is a mudding enthusiast who must question his passion, and maybe his entire way of life, when the last mudhole in Orlando is shut down.

SCARE PACKAGE  |  Directors Baron Vaugjm, Courtney Andujar, Hillary Andujar, Anthony Cousins, Emily Hagins, Aaron Koontz, Chris McInroy, Noah Segan
USA, 2019
We’ve all seen horror anthology films, but nothing quite like SCARE PACKAGE, which blends a generous helping of comedy into the mix. Each director worked with a different horror sub-genre, taking aim at the tropes and cliches that populate the genre. The result, says horror website BloodyDisgusting, is a film “charmingly aware of the tropes that make up the genre it cherishes, and it leans into them with heart, blood, entrails and laughs.”

SKULL  |  Director Kapel Furman
World Premiere, Brazil, 2020
Born out of the pioneering genre festival Fantaspoa and their first ever marketplace, SKULL is a mystical Brazilian bloodbath covering the Sao Paulo streets with splatter to spare. Easily this year’s most insane midnighter, filmmaker Kapel Furman channels his inner Jason Voorhees with the story of an ancient mask that possesses the human form to commit visceral sacrifices of vengeance for the incarnation of its God.

Director Casey T. Malone
World Premiere, USA, 2020
Judah is a young man with a condition – he dreams while he’s still awake. His imagination makes it difficult for him to process the loss of an important person in his life, so when his cousin contacts him with a ridiculous scheme to get at the riches of their eccentric Uncle Airmid who has disappeared, Judah agrees to go along with it.

THE VICE GUIDE TO BIGFOOT  |  Director Zach Lamplugh
USA, 2020
The debut feature from director Zach Lamplugh (Adult Swim); This paranormal comedy follows a hopelessly millennial reporter on the most important assignment of his career: Bigfoot. But after following a prominent cryptozoologist into the Appalachian foothills, he’s forced to answer the question “is a good story worth dying for?”

THE WANTING MARE  |  Director Nicholas Ashe Bateman
World Premiere, USA, 2020
In Whithren, a line of women pass a recurring dream through multiple generations.

THE WAVE  |  Director Gille Klabin
USA, 2019
An insurance lawyer (Justin Long) goes out on the town to celebrate an upcoming promotion with his co-worker, Jeff (Donald Faison). But their night takes a bizarre turn when Frank ingests a hallucinogen that completely alters his perception of the world.

THE YELLOW NIGHT  | Director Ramon Porto Mota
Brazil, 2019
In Ramon Porto Mota’s directorial debut, a group of friends travels to a beach house on an island on the Brazilian seaside to celebrate the end of high school. But their drollery and parties are cut short by the feeling the place shelters an unfathomable horror.