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Slamdance 2018: QUEST Review

Either from the often strikingly intimate handheld shots or his script, which bleeds unfiltered affection for his characters and the night-soaked streets of Berkeley, Quest is uncomplicated humanism that plays equally to the people at the front row as well as those at the back of theater.

man on fire 6

Slamdance 2018: MAN ON FIRE Review

With his camera at hand and a burning human to point it on, the most the film gets out of its subjects is an ill-advised, one-sided conversation where black residents and “woke” allies point to clear-cut racism and the folksy residents shrug their shoulders and deflect.

DELIRIUM_STILL_12 High Res 3.5


Enter Johnny Martin's Delirium, which, through its own incompetence invents a subgenre no one asked for (that I will be dubbing “Lazy Found Footage”).

the-polka-king-jack-black-600x412 5.5


There is the potential for a moving tragicomic exercise in the Jan Lewan story, but sadly the latest Netflix feature settles for a middling goofball romp that has a few smiles but little staying power.


Chris’ Top 20 Films of 2017

Continuing our year-end list extravaganza is Chris Luciantonio‘s top 20 films of 2017.

20. Okja – Finding himself on a tonal balancing act yet again in his career, Bong Joon-ho surprised me and anyone else who has followed the Korean master’s

Lady bird_3 9.5


There was not a moment I experienced in the theatres this year that was remotely comparable to the sensation of knowing that 2017 gave us something as pure as Lady Bird.

Crooked-House 5


When a killer is revealed and your response is somewhere in the realm of “yeah I guess,” you've clearly made some stylistic missteps along the way.

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COCO Review

From the unmistakable vibrant colors that adorn its fully realized characters (all played by real Spanish-speaking actors) to the soundtrack bursting with guitar-plucking, toe-tapping flavor, Pixar surprises nobody through its unwillingness to compromise and to let Coco stand out as the one-of-a-kind film that is (although it begs the question of why such a cultural touchstone would need a 21-minute lead-in by the “whitest” of Christmas specials in the grating Olaf's Frozen Adventure, but I digress).

wonder2 7


It’s intentions are undeniably good, and it’s so inoffensive that even the most jaded soul could crack a smile at its whimsical airs.

thelma_a1_kayawilkins-eiliharboe_copyrightmotlysas 9


There's no experience quite as enriching as watching a film that allows its surface narrative to betray a loaded and mystifying interior meaning that's both elusive and begging to be milled for interpretation.

daguerrotype_01 3.5


This was excruciatingly hard to write about - not only because the film gives me so little to work with, but also because of my constant denial of who is responsible for this bore fest.

Hopper-578x289 5.5


k Ebeling's Along for the Ride, a portrait of self-destructive maverick artiste Dennis Hopper and the falls and rebounds of his post-Easy Rider career, aims to profile the director-actor from a position as of yet really seen attempted; intimately.