E T A by Talia Levin

While waiting alone in a bus station, uncertain and insecure, one woman fights the urge to isolate herself and instead connects to the strangers around her to build a community.


Top Ten Memories of the Green Chair by Anna Weltner

This short film, written, read, and sung by autistic writer Joni Renee is an elegy for her deceased father. The poem interprets grief and loss through the lens of the autistic experience, highlighting the sensory and tangible details of memory.


Exit Plan by Eric Terzo

With a bleak future on the horizon and faded dreams in the rear view Pete struggles to turn his suicidal thoughts into reality by unraveling a plan to take he and his band mates into oblivion.


Shadows by Ellie Berry

Shadows begins in 1944, when a young Canadian combat camerawoman, Elodie Brochu, records a horrific crime committed by a British intelligence officer while she is stationed overseas in France. Before she can screen the film, she is murdered and the film is lost. Seventy-three years later, Claire, a university student working in a film archive, stumbles upon a cryptically marked film from 1944. As she races to uncover the mystery behind the film, she is pursued by a murderous organization intent upon keeping the truth of the film secret forever.


INNARDS by Tyler Rubenfeld

A former child actor reconnects with his twin brother to discuss a role they once shared--as the lead in a schlocky, shot-on-video cannibal film, "Innards."



Lucy observes the feminine rituals at her older sister’s baby shower with a mix of amusement and annoyance, capped by disappointment that her sister disdains the handmade gift she offers.

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