Davide Sorrenti Doc SEE KNOW EVIL Gets a Trailer

A trailer for the upcoming documentary See Know Evil has been released ahead of its DOC NYC premiere this Friday. Directed by Charlie Curran, the film tells the story of Davide Sorrenti, a prolific photographer and artist in NYC who was tragically diagnosed with a fatal blood disease at a young age.

DOC NYC runs from November 8 – 15.


Davide was born to the renowned Sorrenti family, known as the Corleones of fashion photography. Diagnosed at a young age with thalassemia, a fatal blood disorder, he lived his life with a raw urgency. With his graffiti crew See Know Evil, he documented the last youth movement of a pre-sanitized New York City. While Davide’s untimely death would spark a media controversy that would label him as the poster boy for the rise of ‘heroin chic’, a trend glamorizing drug addiction, Davide’s work would come to define the era.

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