Documentary Thriller THE WRONG LIGHT Gets a Trailer

Cinema Guild has released a new trailer for the upcoming documentary The Wrong Light, directed by Josie Swantek Heitz and Dave Adams. The film tells the story of Mickey Choothesa, an activist who created a non profit in Thailand to help aid women involved in human trafficking. But all is not what it seems and it appears that the filmmakers may have uncovered a darkness underneath this seemingly altruistic man.

The Wrong Light opens in New York July 14th and Los Angeles July 21st.

Amidst growing international concern about human trafficking, a nonprofit organization named COSA was founded in 2005 by Mickey Choothesa with the stated mission of serving as a refuge for at-risk and trafficked girls in Northern Thailand. Mickey, a self-described war photographer-turned-activist with an “upstream” prevention approach to trafficking, promoted COSA as a sanctuary providing educational opportunities for young girls. His work drew international donors, a steady stream of western visitors, and global press attention.

Filmmakers Josie Swantek Heitz and Dave Adams were fascinated by the story of two young girls who had been sold into the sex trade by their parents and were later rescued by COSA. They believed they had found a harrowing and uplifting story of heroism worthy of a feature-length documentary. With this in mind, they traveled to Thailand where they interviewed many of the rescued girls at COSA and travelled to their villages to speak with their families.