DWF 2019: BLOWING UP RIGHT NOW Exclusive Trailer

Here’s an exclusive trailer debut for Tom Morris‘ comedy Blowing Up Right Now, which will be having its world premiere at this year’s Dances With Films, kicking off June 13th.

The film will be making its premiere at DWF in Los Angeles on June 15th.

Shep and Mandy are coming up on their fifth anniversary together. They’re one of those perfect couples you see on social media, but in reality they seem to not know each other at all anymore. When Mandy tries to finally break up with Shep, they’re stunned by an emergency phone alert: BALLISTIC MISSILE INBOUND FOR LOS ANGELES. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. With LA in a panic, Mandy and Shep decide to ride out the crisis at home, and work through everything that is wrong with their relationship.