Eli Roth’s THE GREEN INFERNO Gets an Indefinite Delay

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In a bit of very unfortunate news for horror fans, it was announced today that Eli Roth‘s upcoming cannibal throwback The Green Inferno is getting delayed indefinitely due to conflicts within the company that financed the film, Worldview Entertainment. 

According to Deadline, Worldview’s ex-CEO Christopher Woodrow committed to provide the prints and advertising for the film, which they are now balking at.  What makes this even more of a bummer is that the film was set to release nationwide in theaters next month, and now it’s unclear when we’ll get to see it or on what format.

Molly Conners, who is now running the company, put a freeze on all spending while the restructuring is taking place, but Worldview has also been recently sued by Hoyt David Morgan who states he helped fund the upcoming Michael Keaton film Birdman in exchange for an executive producer credit in which he didn’t receive the credit or his money back.

Hopefully Open Road, the distributor for The Green Inferno, will pick up the reins and at least put the film out on VOD.  We’ll be sure to keep you posted on any developments with the release.

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