Fantasia 2015: Watch the Trailer for Uganda’s First Action Film WHO KILLED CAPTAIN ALEX

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This year’s Fantasia Fest in Montreal has officially begun, and one of the many films screening there this year that caught my eye is a little movie called Who Killed Captain Alex from director Nabwana IGG, which is touted as Uganda’s first ever action film. It looks utterly ridiculous in the best kind of way, so I thought I’d share the recently released trailer so you can put this one on your radar.

Here’s the Fantasia synopsis from David Bertrand:

Expect the Unexpectable! “Wakaliwood” — home to “da best of da best movies!” — is at the forefront of action-packed off-the-grid DIY commando cinema. Produced entirely in the ghetto of Wakaliga, Kampala, WHO KILLED CAPTAIN ALEX? is one of 40-plus feature films from prolific, self-taught writer/director/editor/cinematographer/producer Nabwana IGG, and the first to screen outside his home country. A viral sensation and a hit across the slums of Uganda, CAPTAIN ALEX has never before had a festival screening with the rabid party audience it deserves!

Funny, taut and frenetic, the film lives up to its hype as Uganda’s first action movie with a slew of gunfights, kung fu, and deliriously satisfying, over-the-top destruction. Made for less than $200, using real blood and a modified car-jack for a tripod, the all-Ugandan cast and crew channel their love for Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and American ‘80s action movies into a Commando vs. Mafia epic that features the country’s top self-taught martial artists, outrageous helicopter CGI, and a pan-flute version of Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose.”

WHO KILLED CAPTAIN ALEX? is technically a “lost” film (strained conditions and a power surge led to the destruction of the original files). It was painstakingly restored from the best available source and pumped up with the first-ever English-language VJ (“Video Joker”) audio track. In Uganda, this play-by-play, joke-cracking commentary is considered an essential part of the film-viewing experience. Please shout along! WHO KILLED CAPTAIN ALEX? proudly screens at Fantasia with the premiere of new trailers and mindbending, never-before-seen clips of “up-an-cooming” Wakaliwood films, PLUS a live Skype session with director Nabwana IGG and his team of Ugandan action supa-stars!

And for those of you in Montreal attending the fest, here’s a special video the Wakaliwood team made in celebration of the premiere:

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