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Film Pulse Selects is a unique, year-round online film festival that celebrates the best new voices in independent cinema. We know exposure is a difficult thing to achieve as an indie filmmaker, and we’re here to help. Since 2012 Film Pulse has been nurturing independent cinema and has a loyal audience of independent film fans from across the globe. Our highly curated selection of short- and feature-length films emphasizes quality over quantity, so you can rest assured that, if selected, your project will be in good company.


All accepted films receive a full writeup along with the possibility of additional written Q&As and/or podcast interviews.


All accepted films will be eligible for our year-end awards, given to both our top short and feature film in the narrative and documentary categories.


We know indie filmmakers put blood, sweat, and tears into their projects, so we're here to highlight the best in microbudget cinema.


Your film will be exhibited on your terms. Although we encourage filmmakers to allow their project to stay on the site indefinitely, we’ll work with you to find a schedule that suits your needs.


Submission Guidelines

  • All participating films will be hosted on the Film Pulse Vimeo channel and exhibited through the Film Pulse Selects site for the agreed-upon amount of time. If your distribution situation changes, you can always request that the film to be removed.
  • All accepted films will receive a write-up from a member of the Film Pulse staff.
  • Your film does not have to be a premiere, but please let us know if it is!
  • Submissions will be open throughout the year so if you’re project isn’t ready yet, just submit when it is!
  • Music videos, web series, and commercials will not be accepted, sorry!
  • If your film does not get accepted, please understand that it is not necessarily a statement on the quality of your work; we simply determined it was not a good fit for this festival.

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Film Pulse Selects has concluded! Thank you to all the amazing filmmakers who submitted their work!


Feel free to contact us at admin(at) 

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