Film Pulse Weekly- Not the Bees

This week we go over some of the worst recent film news in a segment we call Not The Bees.  Some highlights include:

  • Grown Ups 2 Casting News
  • The Mummy Reboot
  • Raging Bull 2
  • Twins 2
  • Summer School Remake
  • Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs

We make Ryan watch The Legend of Titanic, in honor of Titanic 3D hitting theaters

Some of the other movies we talk about include God Bless AmericaComic-ConLe Havre, and 4:44 Last Day on Earth.

As always we want to hear your feedback! Send your suggestions to, or call our voicemail line at (850) 391-6075 and we’ll feature your comments on an upcoming episode!

Film Pulse Weekly- Not the Bees 2
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