Frank Mosley’s PARTHENON Gets a Poster (+ Stills)

Multi-hyphenate Frank Mosley’s latest short film, Parthenon, (which he wrote, directed and edited) will be playing as a part of the just-announced Sarasota Film Festival lineup. We’ve featured much of his work over the past few years. His work as a director (Her Wilderness and Spider Veins), an actor (Some Beasts), and even his work as a producer (Tears of God).

His latest was a recipient of the 2015 Oak Cliff Film Festival Filmmaker’s Grant and was made with the generous participation of the New York Academy of Art. The film dissects the male gaze that has perpetuated throughout history. It’s a film of two parts. The first a decidedly Lily Baldwin affair utilizing her expressionistic movements to full effect, a push-pull of domestic dominance. While the second half presents the opposite wherein sustained eye contact has the ability to emotional affect without any words being uttered.

Mosley described Parthenon as “a slippery, dizzying provocation on art, control, and perception as a naked body moves a stranger to apathy.” The film stars Lily Baldwin, Tallie Medel, and Thiago Martins. The film will play the 2017 Sarasota Film Festival from March 31st through April 8th.