Hot Docs 2015: SPEED SISTERS Trailer and Poster

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Earlier today, Indiewire posted the latest trailer and poster for the upcoming documentary Speed Sisters, which is currently screening at this year’s Hot Docs Film Festival in Canada. The film is directed by Amber Fares, and follows the lives of an all-female Middle-Eastern racing team.

There’s no U.S. release date for Speed Sisters as of yet, but if you’re headed to Hot Docs, you can check out showtimes for the film here.

via: Indiewire

Here’s the synopsis from the Hot Docs listing:

Strap on your helmet and buckle up! This high-octane film stars the Middle East’s first all-women race car team. Marah, Mona, Betty, Noor and their manager Maysoon—each bold, fearless and charismatic in their own unique way—are part of an emerging speed racing scene that has seen contests between cities on the West Bank and drawn thousands of avid spectators, despite the constant danger from the Israeli occupation. Director Amber Fares takes us into the drivers’ homes and lives, following them as they attempt to join the ranks of the male drivers in the newly formed racing federation. The women compete against each other for both the title of “Fastest Woman Driver” and the right to race against the men. Overcoming social expectations, community politics and family dynamics—not to mention movement restrictions and checkpoints from the Israeli military—these women shatter stereotypes about Arab women and offer a source of inspiration for girls and women around the world.

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