Javier Reyna’s REGIONRAT Gets a Trailer

A new trailer has been released for the upcoming dark comedy Regionrat, directed by Javier Reyna. The film is based on the novel by Richard Laskowski and revolves around  a slacker kid named Ray trying to get out of his hometown before it eats him alive. The film stars Connor Williams, Natassia Halabi, and Nova Gaver.

Regionrat is planned to be released later this year, however an exact date hasn’t been announced just yet.

Regionrat is a darkly comedic coming-of- age drama about Ray, academic misfit and slacker extraordinaire, who tries to keep his head down to finish his last year of high school, but can’t catch a break. Ray lives in the Region, an industrial wasteland in Northwestern Indiana. The residents there are known as “regionrats,” because they’ll eat anything and are hard to kill. Ray is hard to kill, but the Region will try. He’s Ferris Bueller on a losing streak, learning lessons he didn’t need to learn, the hard way. In the end, Ray finds his way out, but he’ll go through hell to get there.