Kickstart Sunday: BEACON POINT

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This week on Kickstart Sunday, we’re featuring the upcoming indie horror flick Beacon Point, from director Eric Blue.  This thriller revolves around a group of hikers who become lost while traversing the Appalachian Trail, only to discover an ancient secret that threatens all their lives.

This Kickstarter project currently has 24 days remaining with a goal of $20,000.  The film is nearly complete but they need our help to put the finishing touches on what looks to be an exciting ride.  Be sure to click here and donate today and look below for more information.

Beacon Point is a feature length thriller about a group of hikers on a 10 day hike of the Appalachian Trail. The group hikes deeper into the Great Smoky Mountains, and soon realize they are lost. Things start to go from bad to worse. They stumble across an ancient secret, the shadow people, that threatens their survival. It’s a wild ride and a real nail biter. Watch the trailer above and join the Beacon Point team to be part of an amazing movie experience.