Kickstart Sunday – ‘Beyond Clueless’

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This week we’re highlighting Beyond Clueless from director Charlie Lyne. This documentary chronicles the boom in teen themed films from 1995-2004, starting with Clueless and ending with Mean Girls. This time period is particularly interesting to me, as these are the films from my teenage years.  This project is currently at £1,888 of a £9,500 with 29 days to go.  Click here to donate and hit the jump for more info.

Something amazing happened in 1995.

After half a decade in the wilderness — with nothing but memories of happier, John Hughesier times to cling on to — the teen genre was suddenly and dramatically reborn, in a blaze of movies that combined wit, wisdom and an invaluable disregard for what had come before, to make a mockery of everything Hollywood thought it knew about its teenage audience.

Over the next ten years, more teen films were produced than in any other period before or since. They made more money at the box office than those of any other era. They left an indelible mark on the genre that still governs how teen movies are made today. But perhaps most importantly, they helped shape the world and everything in it for an entire generation.

And yet, today they linger on the fringes of every fawning, nostalgia-tinged, Breakfast Club-obsessed chronicle of teen cinema. Well, not for much longer.