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This week on Kickstart Sunday, we’d like to highlight the upcoming documentary A Brief History of Time Travel from director Gisella Bustillos. This film aims to explore our obsession with time travel, and looks at how the concept has ingrained itself into our pop culture. The filmmakers have gathered some great interviews with the likes of scientists, authors, game designers, and even everyone’s favorite science guy, Bill Nye.

This Kickstarter project currently has 26 days to go with a goal set for $35,000 so click here to show your support by making a donation. Look below for more information.


Time travel is one of the most contagious ideas in science fiction. In a society where time is a unit of value and instant gratification is prized, the idea of traveling through time offers a means of escape. And our obsession with time travel is growing: in the last decade, it’s appeared more than ever in books, movies, and pop culture. What makes time travel so powerful that it resonates in each of us, and to what lengths are we going today to make it a reality?