Kickstart Sunday – ‘Catalina Island’

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This week we would like to highlight Catalina Island: A Wildlife Documentary by Spencer Creigh. This great looking nature doc focuses on the indigenous species that inhabit Catalina Island in California.  This is a very ambitious passion project and with 8 days left and $7,306 of a $10,000 goal, it needs your support now!  Click here to make a donation and hit the jump for more information.

Catalina boasts one of the most fascinating and beautiful ecosystems on the planet. From its iconic species like the American Bison and the Bald Eagle, to its fragile and beautiful endemic species like the Catalina Island Grey Fox; it truly is the last bastion of true wild land in California.

This island and its wildlife deserve to have their story told.

We plan to produce a broadcast length wildlife documentary of the highest quality, on Catalina Island’s wildlife. The story of these creatures and their captivating island environment is a story we believe in, and a story we want to share with the world.