Kickstart Sunday: ‘CHESSBOXING: The King’s Discipline’

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Every week on Film Pulse we like to highlight a film that is currently being crowd-funded, in order to promote unique and interesting independent film projects.  Kick your week off right by donating to this filmmaker and help them make their vision a reality.

This week we’d like to highlight David Bitton‘s CHESSBOXING: The King’s Discipline.  Though it almost seems like this is just too crazy to be real, chessboxing is an actual thing, and this documentary aims to shed some light on this quickly growing hybrid sport.  Who wouldn’t want to watch people stimulate their brains with chess while pounding each other in the face? Click here to donate to the Kickstarter campaign, hit the break for more information, and be sure to tune in to the podcast on Monday when we speak with the film’s director.

Chessboxing: The King’s Discipline will tell the story of this man’s struggle to transform his sport from underground cult curiosity into a respected and recognized mainstream phenomenon.