Kickstart Sunday: DE TOQUE A TOQUE

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This week’s Kickstart Sunday pick is the wonderful looking short film De Toque A Toque by director Stephanie Sandoval.  This short takes place in Chile in 1978, a time when a country-wide curfew caused kids to find new ways to have a good time and the curfew party was born.  This is the story of four teens who attend such a party.

This Kickstarter project has 26 days left with a goal of $5000.  Be sure to click here to show your support today and hit the break for more information.


In the late 70s, people in Chile live under restrictions that force them to reinvent the way they spend their nights. Curfew Parties last all night and are very popular in the younger circles.
Isabel is turning sixteen years old and she wants to have a Curfew Party. All of her friends are invited to a gathering that will last all night, including her boyfriend Pablo and her friend Andres, who has a not so secret crush on her.
Isabel’s older brother, Francisco, is in charge of keeping the order in the house, while Tere, the maid, attends the party guests. Everything goes as planned until an unexpected visitot arrives to the house in the middle of the night. But during the Curfew, no one’s allowed in or out.