Kickstart Sunday: EDEN LODGE

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This week’s Kickstart Sunday pick is director John Kyriacou‘s UK horror film Eden Lodge.  The film has finished production and just needs our help getting the final sound mixing finished.  The best part about this Kickstarter project, other than looking like a fun movie, is that one of the rewards is being able to see a rough copy of the film right now! You’ll also get another link to the final version after all the ADR and mixing is finished also, so you’ll see exactly where your cash went.

This project currently has 21 days to go with a goal of £15,000, so be sure to click here and donate today.  Hit the jump for more information. 


We are seeking funds to help complete Eden Lodge Movie. We require £15k to help fund a professional Sound Mixer / ADR / FOLEY to complete the Movie and supply 5.1 Surround Sound.
You can watch this movie NOW in HD (temp sound mix) by donating as little as £10.00 (we will supply you a streamed version). If we manage to raise enough money through Kickstarter, we will also supply a completed Eden Lodge stream (final sound mix) to yourselves in February, this will show you a completed movie thanks to your kind generosity.
Eden Lodge is a mixture of when Psycho meets Sixth Sense with a beautiful twist. Be one of the first people to see this film in the world for as little as a £10.00 donation.