Kickstart Sunday: EMBERS

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This week’s Kickstart Sunday pick comes to us from director Claire Carré and her upcoming science fiction film embers.  The film takes place in a world where all of humanity is stricken with a neurological disease that renders everyone with double amnesia, where individuals have no short term or long term memory.

This film currently has 24 days to go with its Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $20,000.  Be sure to donate today by clicking here and hit the jump to read more about the project.


embers is set in the future, nine years after the world has been infected with a neurological disease. Similar in effect to Korsakoff’s Syndrome, this disease creates a double amnesia in which past memories beyond early childhood cannot be recalled and new memories cannot be preserved. The infected are forced to live in an endless present.
This is a film about what remains after the end.
Five interwoven stories ask, without memory, how would we learn? love? communicate? What would we chose to do if there were no moral repercussions for any actions?