Kickstart Sunday: FRAME BY FRAME

frame by frame
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It’s no secret that I love the subject of photo journalism.  If I wasn’t writing about film I would most likely be pursuing a career as a photo journalist, so whenever a film on the subject comes up, I’m always quick to lend my support.  This week, I’d like to highlight one such film titled Frame By Frame by Alexandria Bombach and Mo Scarpelli.

This documentary takes a look at photo journalism in Afghanistan, a place where photography was once illegal.  This Kickstarter project has 24 days to go with a goal of $40,000, so click here and lend your support.  Hit the jump to check out the campaign video and to learn more.

In 1996, the Taliban banned photography in Afghanistan. Taking a photo was considered a crime. When the regime was removed from Kabul in 2001, their suppression of free speech and press disappeared. Since then, photography has become an outlet for Afghans determined to show the hidden stories of their country.


In this coming year, as foreign troops pull out of the country, international media will inevitably follow. The Taliban is poised to gain influence, if not fully return to power. The future of journalism in Afghanistan is unknown.