Kickstart Sunday: ‘It’s Dangerous To Go Alone…’

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Every week on Film Pulse, we highlight a crowd-funded project that we think you’ll really like, and deserves some support. Not only do we implore you to contribute to these projects, but we will contribute as well. Kick your Sunday off right by helping support independent film. If you help fund any of the projects we list, send us an e-mail at, and we’ll make sure to thank you on the podcast.

This week we’re happy to highlight It’s Dangerous To Go Alone… by Joe Granato.  This documentary takes a look at the video game series The Legend of Zelda, and profiles some of its biggest fans.  Being a long-time fan of the series (and naming my dog Zelda), I’m very excited to check this one out.  Hit the jump for more information, click here to donate, and be sure to tune in to this week’s podcast where we’ll be speaking with the director.

From the time most of us first touched the 8 bit cartridge, our lives were changed. As children, the fantasy game contained in that golden plastic NES cartridge was our initiation into our own imaginations. Years before we were able to delve into and appreciate the worlds of Tolkein, we became the heroes of this adventure story.

Many of us have gone on to become creatives…writers, filmmakers, game designers, painters, sculptors, illustrators, animators…and we owe our first creative compulsions to our adventure contained in that golden cartridge.

The game franchise continues this day to inspire and compel new generations. With a huge library of licensed games and an unending well of quality, unlicensed media, our film will be its own narrative adventure story through which it will explore the games’ far reaching influence. It will examine the pervasive fascination for 8-bit gaming beyond nostalgia, and how it has evolved from its tiny blocks of color to a form of fine art. It will explore the roots of the innate, international appeal of this game series that bridges across cultural divides. And for those of you who have invested thousands of hours in the world of Hyrule, it will validate your passion.