Kickstart Sunday: LIFE ITSELF

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This week, we’re very proud to promote Life Itself, a feature documentary on the life of the late Roger Ebert.  The film is directed by Steve James (Hoop Dreams) and features interviews from family members, colleagues, and filmmakers that were close to the famed critic.

This Indiegogo project is interesting in that it’s not attempting to raise money to complete the film, but to actually allow fans to receive an early screening, as well as a slew of other perks in anticipation for its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January.  Be sure to click here to donate and hit the jump for more information.

LIFE ITSELF, the first ever feature-length documentary on the life of Roger Ebert, covers the prolific critic’s life journey from his days at the University of Illinois, to his move to Chicago where he became the first film critic ever to win the Pulitzer Prize, then to television where he and Gene Siskel became iconic stars, and finally to what Roger referred to as “his third act”; how he overcame disabilities wrought by cancer to became a major voice on the internet and through social media.