Kickstart Sunday: M / M

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Although I know very little about this week’s Kickstart Sunday pick, M / M, from director Drew Lint, it seems like one of those great experimental mind benders that the less you know the better.  From what I can gather, it revolves around a man becoming infatuated with another man and gradually becoming that man.  It sounds very bizarre so naturally I’m on board.

This Indiegogo project currently has just eight days remaining with a goal of $18,000CAD.  Click here to show your support and donate today and look below for more information.


Matthew is a Canadian new to Berlin. He’s come to escape from himself, make a fresh start. When he meets Matthias, he finds what he’s been looking for. Matthias is the new Matthew. Consciously or unconsciously, Matthew begins to take over Matthias’ identity. He cuts his hair, gets a tattoo, buys new clothes. When Matthias gets into a motorcycle accident, the opportunity is too perfect. Matthew is Matthias. In his coma, Matthias’ dreams and memories blur together, merging with the reality happening outside. Interior becomes exterior. Where the real ends and the artificial begins is a puzzle for all parties involved.