Kickstart Sunday – ‘Petting Zoo’

Kickstart Sunday - 'Petting Zoo' 1
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Every week on FIlm Pulse, we highlight a Kickstarter project that we think you’ll really like, and deserves some support.  Not only do we implore you to contribute to these projects, but we will contribute as well.  Kick your Sunday off right by helping support independent film. If you help fund any of the projects we list, send us an e-mail at, and we’ll make sure to thank you on the podcast.

This week’s project comes from Micah Magee, and her film titled Petting Zoo. The film takes place in San Antonio, TX, and centers around 17 year old Layla, who’s at the top of her class with a full scholarship for college, but then she gets pregnant. This project has a goal of $10,000 and it’s currently at $2638 with 12 days to go. Hit the jump for more info.

Layla (17) is top of her high school class – and pregnant. Giving into family pressure, Layla decides against an abortion, drops her scholarship to college and moves into her beloved Grandma‘s trailer on the family property. She goes to work, to church, to school. She meets a new boy – Aaron – different from everyone else. Just as things seem to be falling into place again, work and stress take their toll. Layla looses her baby at six months in utero. With three days to wait with a dead baby inside her before labor is induced at the hospital, Layla begins to see her environment differently – and begins to find herself.

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