Kickstart Sunday: PORTAL TO HELL

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Roddy Piper discovers a portal to hell in his basement and fights against Cthulhu? That should be all I need to say about this week’s Kickstart Sunday pick, Portal to Hell, from director Vivieno Caldinelli. As if the premise for this short wasn’t enticing enough, Steve Kostanski from Astron-6 is handling the effects work, and Todd Brown from Twitch is executive producing.

This IndieGoGo project currently has 25 days remaining with a goal of $21,000 so be sure to click here and show your support today!

Imagine, if you will, that the Great Old One, Cthulhu himself, had a secret soft spot for Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn in Overboard and convinced the great John Carpenter to return to Lovecraft mode to write him a part in it. We’d like to think the result would be very much like Portal To Hell!!!