Kickstart Sunday – ‘Rover’

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This week we’d like to highlight the feature film Rover from director Tony Blahd.  This quirky and imaginative film needs some help with post production and it only has till Thursday so hit the jump and check out the trailer then click here to donate and show your support. After ten seconds of this trailer I was sold, so let’s help get this film made.A hapless cult leader losing control of his flock fakes a prophecy instructing them to make a movie in hopes of bringing them together.

In their dilapidated church headquarters, a greatly diminished and
dispirited cult awaits the sign to off themselves. Their hapless
leader, DAVE, concocts a plan: to quell infighting and give them
purpose in life before their deaths, he fakes a prophecy instructing
them to make a movie and share their story with the world. There’s
just one problem: they don’t know the first thing about film

To realize Dave’s (faked) vision, they enlist the aid of an intern at
a New York production company. MARK’s professional life is not what he thought it would be. His internship – reading awful scripts – doesn’t
pay, and his side project – working freelance music video production –
is equally unfulfilling. He wants to be a director, and a Craigslist
post offers him a shortcut.

He signs on for a “Cult Classic Sci-Fi Masterpiece” and, after his few
questions are met with strange answers, he stops asking them. In this
group of cult-members-turned-amateur-filmmakers, he finds a dedication and passion that’s lacking in his more conventional career path; in the goal of telling their story, the disparate and disillusioned cult members find a uniting purpose. The aloof JIMMY becomes an engaged Director of Photography, LARRY and SUZY’s non-communicative marriage is repaired as they portray the cult leaders and life-partners, Randall and Deena, on screen, and DAVE becomes the respected leader he was meant to be as the deft Producer of the film.

But just as they hit their stride, Dave receives a true prophecy. It’s
time for them to “exit.”