Kickstart Sunday: Schneefloeckchen – Snowflake

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This week’s Kickstart Sunday pick comes to us from German director Adolfo Kolmerer and his film Snowflake.  Snowflake appears to be something of a genre mash-up combining elements of science fiction, crime, and fantasy all rolled into one crazy looking story.  

Judging from the early clips shown in the trailer and Indiegogo video, the film looks great visually, and the strong visuals alone make me want to check this one out.

This Indiegogo project currently has 29 days remaining with a goal of €30,000 so be sure to click here to donate and show your support today.


The story evolves around two outlaws, Tan and Javid, who are tracking down the man who killed their families. Their hunt is going off-track when one day they find the screenplay to the very movie they are in.

‘Snowflake’ is an infernal genre mix of action, thriller and comedy set in the near future. Multiple exceptional characters try to survive a vicious circle of revenge and karma, challenging their own personal sense of vengeance. All this is set in a hard-boiled exaggerated world, which at second glance may not be too far out.

Here’s the teaser trailer: