Kickstart Sunday: SLO LIGHT

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This week’s Kickstart Sunday pick comes to us from writer-director Dominic Lahiff and his visually striking film Slo Light. Drawing inspiration from classic noir and female revenge thrillers, the film features a score by Massive Attack’s Neil Davidge, so I’m definitely on board for this one.

This Kickstarter campaign currently has 18 days remaining with a goal of $70,000 so be sure to click here and donate today. I should also note the various perks for this one look really excellent as well. Take a look below for more information.

In the wake of his mother’s death JOSEPH an affluent college graduate leads an aimless debauched existence. When Joseph meets the beautiful and mysterious NAOUMIE she seems to him nothing more than his latest sexual conquest, but over time she moves further into his closely guarded inner life.

In an abandoned country house SHANNON reminisces over the childhood memories of her younger, more vulnerable sister RAYE. When Shannon receives a phone call from Naoumie, it is revealed that Joseph has played a devastating role in Raye’s life, and the two women plan to enact a terrible, final vengeance.

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