Kickstart Sunday – ‘Swim Little Fish Swim’

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This week we’d like to highlight Swim Little Fish Swim, directed by Ruben Amar and Lola Bessis. This feature film is making its world debut at SXSW 2013 in just a couple weeks and the film makers need your help with some of the post production funding.  Click here to make your donation and hit the jump for more info on the film.  Also be sure to tune in to this week’s podcast when we’ll be sitting down for a chat with the directors of the film.

SWIM LITTLE FISH SWIM was shot over the 2 last years between New York and Paris on a shoe-string budget. It is our feature film debut following the huge success of our last short film, CHECKPOINT, which was selected at over 100 film festivals (including Slamdance, Palm Springs, San Diego, Clermont-Ferrand, Leeds, Sarasota, Newport Beach, Montreal world film festival among many others), got a dozen of awards and was broadcast on several prestigious TV channels around the world (PBS, BBC, RTBF, CANAL +, France3, Itunes).

SWIM LITTLE FISH SWIM is a typical New York story set in the world of music and contemporary art, with just the right amount of distance and derision. The three major characters are each at a turning point in their lives, they have decisions to make and although these choices may seem insignificant, each one is essential in allowing the characters to evolve and fulfill themselves.