Kickstart Sunday – ‘Where the Red Fox Lies’

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This week we’d like to highlight Where the Red Fox Lies by Jeff Ray.  Normally we only promote feature-length projects, however after checking this short film out, I had to pick it for this week’s article.  The film centers around a girl who suffers from spontaneous combustion.  With an intriguing concept and a visual style that’s right up our alley, this is definitely something I can’t wait to see. Click here to donate and hit the jump for more info on the film.

What exactly is Where the Red Fox Lies about?

What would happen if a person really did suffer from spontaneous combustion?

While this film does contain elements of horror, suspense, fantasy and sci-fi, at its core, Where the Red Fox Lies is an emotional drama about two sisters, Alex and Mara, as they try to reconnect and mend their fractured relationship.