Kurt Russell and Sacha Baron Cohen Leave ‘Django Unchained’

A few weeks ago it was announced that Joseph Gordon Levitt was leaving the cast of Quentin Tarantino‘s Django Unchained due to scheduling conflicts, and today it’s been reported that two more stars are exiting the film.  Sacha Baron Cohen, who was to play a small cameo in the film, announced in a recent appear on The Howard Stern Show, that he had to back out due to scheduling conflicts, and Kurt Russell backed out because of the film “Not being western enough.”  The reasoning behind Russell’s departure is hearsay at this point, as no official reason was given.  Russell was to play a sadistic slave trader, however, his part will now be cut from the film entirely. More after the break.

Although the cast of the film is still strong, including Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Christoph Waltz, it is troubling that so many people are backing out.  Kevin Costner, Jonah Hill, and Will Smith were also top picks for the film, but either turned it down, or couldn’t be in it due to scheduling issues.

Either way, I still have faith in Tarantino, and we’ll all know for sure when the film releases this December.