Stewart Thorndike’s LYLE Trailer Starring Gaby Hoffmann

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The trailer for Stewart Thorndike‘s upcoming horror film Lyle, starring Gaby Hoffmann as a pregnant woman confronted by an unspeakable evil.  Judging from the trailer there looks to be quite a Rosemary’s Baby vibe, which is always a good thing.

Interestingly, the film is going to be made available for free beginning August 4th, and can be streamed from the movie’s website at

LYLE trailer // FREE on // AUGUST 4th from Stewart Thorndike on Vimeo.

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Here’s the press release regarding the announcement of the film being made available for free:

Los Angeles, CA (July 29, 2014) – Director/Writer Stewart Thorndike (TESS AND NANA) and Producer Alex Scharfman (THE HEART MACHINE, KEEP THE LIGHTS ON) announced today they have decided to offer their Outfest award-winning horror feature LYLE, starring Gaby Hoffmann (“Girls”, OBVIOUS CHILD), to their fans for free starting August 4, 2014. It will be streaming on the film’s website during the duration of the duo’s Kickstarter campaign for their next project PUTNEY, the second of three upcoming female-focused horror films, also launching August 4th

LYLE debuted to critical praise at the 2014 Outfest Film Festival where Gaby Hoffmann won the Grand Jury Best Actress award for her electrifying performance as Leah, a pregnant lesbian confronted by an unspeakable evil.  Stewart Thorndike’s sinister ode to ROSEMARY’S BABY uses dark humor and razor-sharp camera work taking audiences into a growing nightmare as Leah begins to question the motives of her partner, friends and neighbors as a pregnant lesbian confronted by an unspeakable evil brings out a primal terror that’s difficult to shake. 

“I’m psyched to share LYLE for free. I love the fact that anyone with an internet connection will be able to watch and I also love getting out some female-driven, female-perspective horror — something I’m passionate about,” said Director/Writer Stewart Thorndike. “The hope and dream and prayer is that people will like LYLE and want to support our next project, PUTNEY.” 

Producer Alex Scharfman added, “Rather than opt for a small release, we are eager to get LYLE and Stewart’s brand of filmmaking into the world in the most direct way possible. I know that people will be excited by Stewart’s style and her narrative sensibility, so we hope that they’ll then choose to support her next film, PUTNEY, which promises more of her unique perspective and tone.” 

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