Mubi Announces July 2017 Titles

Curated streaming service Mubi has announced their July 2017 lineup with a slew of great titles, not the least of which is the world premiere of James N. Kienitz WilkinsThe Republic and the streaming premiere of Juho Kuosmanen‘s The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki right after its release in theaters.

Take a look at some highlights below and be sure to click over to for more.

The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki — July 1
The Un Certain Regard winner of last year’s Cannes Film Festival and MUBI’s second  stateside theatrical release, The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki is based on the true story of a young Finnish boxer who had a shot at the World Championship title in 1962. Shot in gorgeous 16mm black-and-white cinematography, this critically-acclaimed feature debut from director Juho Kuosmanen will be available exclusively on MUBI following its theatrical release.

 The Republic — July 4
Exclusive World Premiere
MUBI presents the exclusive world premiere of the visionary new feature film by emerging director James N. Kienitz Wilkins, recipient of the Kazuko Trust Award at the 2016 New York Film Festival. The Republic is an epic story about a confederation of American libertarians told in an utterly unique way: at once, an audio performance, experimental film and philosophical statement, this audacious opus from the 2017 Whitney Biennial-selected artist is a groundbreaking cinematic experience.

Esther Kahn  — July 22
Summer of Desplechin
With his latest film having opened this year’s Cannes Film Festival, MUBI revisits Arnaud Desplechin’s wild and powerful 19th century theatre drama, which attracted controversy due to star Summer Phoenix’s vivid and highly unusual acting style. Over time, Desplechin and Phoenix’s collaboration has endured as an utterly unique evocation of cinematic character.

Le Moulin  — June 23 | Scarred Hearts — July 7 | Eldorado XXI — July 21
Special Discovery
Poetry, literature, painting and archival footage converge in Le Moulin, a tremendously sensitive and moving portrait of a group of Taiwanese artists who protested against the Japanese occupation in the 1930s. Featuring an ambitious formal approach from first-time filmmaker Huang Ya-li, the film screened at CPH:DOX and Rotterdam and won the 2016 Golden Horse Award for Best Documentary. Eldorado XXI is another unique, immersive documentary set in a mining community in the Peruvian alps — the second feature from emerging Portuguese filmmaker Salomé Lamas and a Berlinale premiere. Scarred Hearts, winner of the 2016 Locarno Grand Jury Prize, is Romanian new wave director Radu Jude’s irreverent comic-tragedy set in a 1920s sanitorium. This festival gem was also co-produced by Maren Ade, director of Toni Erdmann.

Symbol — July 8 | Scabbard Samurai — July 9
Hitoshi Matsumoto: Genre Upside Down

One of Japan’s greatest contributions to the comedy world and one of their brightest television stars, Hitoshi Matsumoto is an unstoppable comic force. In July, MUBI will show two of Matsumoto’s delightfully off-kilter genre-blends, including the rare Scabbard Samurai in its U.S. streaming debut.

The Blood of a Poet  — July 5 | The Testament of Orpheus — July 6
Cocteau’s Poets

To celebrate the birthday of one of the 20th-century’s great artists, MUBI will show Jean Cocteau’s first and last films. Each exploring the life of poets, these French classics are told in a cinematic language evocative of dreams, fantasies and myths.

A Kind of Loving — July 14 | Billy Liar — July 15 | Darling — July 16
Remembering John Schlesinger

A triple-bill featuring the early work of the Academy Award®-winning director of Midnight Cowboy. These bold British landmarks of the 1960s were instrumental in building Schlesinger’s reputation early in his career.

Fishy Stones — July 24 | Rich Girl — July 25 | Umbango — July 26
South Africa’s ‘B Movies’

South African director Tonie Van Der Merwe helped spearhead the “B-scheme” of film production during the apartheid era, an initiative making all-black movies for all-black audiences. Next month, MUBI will present three newly restored works from this revolutionary filmmaker.