MUBI Announces July 2019 Highlights

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Streaming service MUBI has announced highlights for their upcoming July programming, which includes three Errol Morris films, four Julia Loktev films, and Yann Gonzalez‘s Knife + Heart just to name a few.

Be sure to head over to for more information and take a look below for all the announced titles.

Exclusive Premieres

[Debuts] Katharina Wyss’s bold first feature Sarah Plays a Werewolf dives into the complexities of female adolescence. Featuring a powerfully raw debut performance from Loane Balthasar, this radical coming of age story premiered at the 2017 Venice Critics’ Week.

Sarah Plays a Werewolf — July 2 — Exclusive

[The New Auteurs] Premiering at the 2018 Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes, Buy Me a Gun (Cannes ‘18) tells the story of a young girl struggling to survive a post-apocalyptic Mexico in a near dystopian future. Director Julio Hernández Cordón presents a world ruled by drug traffickers and fear as seen through the eyes of a child. This urgent, arresting fable holds a necessary mirror up to modern cartel violence.

Buy Me a Gun — July 12 — Exclusive

[Undiscovered] A mesmerizing documentary in which director Aminatou Echard surveys contemporary Kyrgyz women about a national literary heroine — the eponymous Jamilia. The discussions surrounding this rebel reveal the inner hopes and desires of women still living in an authoritarian, patriarchal country. Shot on warm Super 8mm, this is a stunning film about womanhood, oppression, and freedom (Berlin ‘18).

Jamilia — July 18 — Exclusive

[Luminaries] Lav Diaz’s anti-musical musical — a self-described “rock opera” that delves into the violence unleashed on a small Filipino village in the 1970s backed by Ferdinand Marcos’ regime. Diaz again reexamines Filipino history, demonstrating how oppression in the countryside was justified and concealed using folk tales of killer beasts and evil phantasms. Season of the Devil (Berlin ‘18) tells this bracing story through songs written by the director himself, giving the film a distinctive and insistent tone.

Season of the Devil — July 30 — Exclusive

Errol Morris: Reconstructing Truth

MUBI is proud to show Errol Morris’s first three groundbreaking films, each of which explores the contradictions of American life through his truly singular style. This triple bill highlights Morris’s innovative fusion of fiction and non-fiction, including one of the most influential documentaries of the modern era, The Thin Blue Line (TIFF ‘88). A tribute to one of the great poets of the documentary form and its search for what constitutes truth.

Gates of Heaven — July 24
Vernon, Florida — July 25
The Thin Blue Line — July 26

What is an Auteur?

MUBI’s series examining what constitutes an auteur continues with two films by Russian-American director Julia Loktev, including her chilling, unflinching portrait of a young suicide bomber in Day Night Day Night (Cannes ‘06) and her most recent work, The Loneliest Planet (Locarno ‘11), starring Gael García Bernal. The series will also feature the work of the recently deceased Jean-Claude Brisseau, including the Golden Bear-nominated, sensual noir Céline (Berlin ‘92) and his controversial, semi-autobiographical film The Exterminating Angels (Cannes ‘06).

The Loneliest Planet — July 7
Day Night Day Night — July 8
Céline — July 20 — Exclusive
The Exterminating Angels — July 21

The ongoing series dedicated to the multitude of cinematic approaches to pre-existing texts continues with adaptations of works by two preeminent Francophone authors: Honoré de Balzac and Georges Simenon. Jacques Rivette’s The Duchess of Langeais (Berlin ‘07) is his second film based on Balzac’s work and tells a haunting tale of romantic obsession, featuring Jeanne Balibar and Guillaume Depardieu. Next, MUBI will highlight the husband-and-wife team of Belá Tarr and Ágnes Hranitzky and their take on The Man from London (Cannes ‘07) — a dark, formidable arthouse favorite based on Simenon’s 1971 novel.

The Duchess of Langeais — July 13
The Man from London — July 27


Fresh from its premiere in the 2018 Cannes Competition and its US theatrical release this past March, MUBI presents the latest from French director Yann Gonzalez. An erotic, bloody tribute to giallo cinema, Knife + Heart stars Vanessa Paradis as a gay porn producer in the 1970s faced with a mysterious serial killer stalking her productions.

Knife + Heart — July 5

Coinciding with the release of Knife + Heart, MUBI will also show Yann Gonzalez’s tenderly explicit and nakedly romantic short, Islands. Winner of the Queer Palm at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.

Islands — July 6

Marco Bellochio’s vigorous and dazzling biopic Vincere dives into modern Italian history, unveiling secrets behind Benito Mussolini’s rise to power and his violent betrayal of his first wife. A Palme d’Or contender at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival.

Vincere — July 29