MUBI Announces June 2019 Highlights


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Streaming service MUBI has revealed some highlights for their upcoming June selections, which, as always, include a heavily curated list of great looking titles.

Take a look below for all the highlights and tune in to for more details and to check out their full library of films.

Exclusive Premieres

Sophia Antipolis (Locarno ‘2018) is the beguiling sophomore feature from emerging French auteur Virgil Vernier. A psycho-geographical, state-of-the-nation survey that centers on the residents of a business park caught between the tourist magnets of Nice and Cannes on the French Riviera. The film will screen along with Vernier’s debut feature Mercuriales.

Sophia Antipolis — June 3 — Exclusive

Isabella Eklöf’s provocative and ruthless debut Holiday (Sundance ‘2018) tells a riveting modern tale set among vacationing gangsters on the sundrenched Turkish Riviera. With moments as disturbing and uncomfortable as the setting is stunning, this is a bold, unflinching portrayal of gender, class, power, repression and violence — as seen from the female perspective.

Holiday — June 7— Exclusive

The epic cinema of Laz Diaz returns to MUBI for the first time since the year-long retrospective (2016-17) dedicated to the renowned Filipino auteur. Winner of the Alfred Bauer Prize at Berlin 2016, A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery (Berlin ‘2016) is an engrossing eight-hour historical saga that centers on the Philippine Revolution, exploring the essential foundations and conflicts of Philippine national identity and memory.

A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery — June 11— Exclusive

Boris Mitić’s self-described “whistleblowing documentary parody” pursues the personification of “nothing,” examining what can be captured when nothing is happening. In Praise of Nothing (Locarno ‘2017) was filmed by 62 cinematographers in 70 different countries and is narrated by punk legend Iggy Pop.

In Praise of Nothing — June 21 — Exclusive

The Master of Suspense: Alfred Hitchcock

Two early thrillers from one of Hollywood’s (and cinema’s) greatest artists, Alfred Hitchcock. The first two forays into the sound era by the Master of Suspense, including Hitchcock’s first-ever talkie, Blackmail, make ingenious use of the nascent technology in ways few other directors risked.

Blackmail — June 23
Murder! — June 24

What is an Auteur?

MUBI’s ongoing series dedicated to examining auteurism continues with parts one and two of Steven Soderbergh’s ambitious and unconventional Che Guevara biopic. Featuring a tremendous performance from Benicio del Toro, which won him the Best Actor prize at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival.

Che: Part One — June 15
Guerrilla – Che: Part Two — June 16
Competing at Oberhausen — Exclusive
For the fourth consecutive year, MUBI continues its partnership with the world’s preeminent short film festival, the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen in Germany. Highlights from this year’s international competition will stream exclusively on MUBI following the festival.

Zombies — June 19
China Not China — June 20
Elvis: Strung Out — June 25
Imbued Life — June 26
Syndrome IO — June 27

Human Rights Watch Film Festival — Exclusive

MUBI continues its collaboration with Human Rights Watch Film Festival, one of the world’s leading independent organizations dedicated to defending and protecting human rights. To celebrate the opening night of the 2019 edition in New York, MUBI will show one of the greats from the festival’s past, the Academy Award-nominated War Witch (Berlin ‘2012). At the conclusion of the festival, a selection from this year’s line-up will also be featured exclusively on MUBI — Tuki Jencquel’s look at the current healthcare crisis in Venezuela, It’s All Good (HRWFF ‘2019).

War Witch — June 13
It’s All Good — June 29


Edge of the Knife is the first film about and by the Haida, a people native to an archipelago off the coast of northern British Columbia. The film tells a classic Haida folktale exclusively in the Haida language, which now has less than 20 living native speakers. Named in Canada’s Top Ten list at TIFF ‘2018, the film aims to preserve the culture of this remote people. Presented in partnership with Telefilm’s “Canada Now” showcase.

Edge of the Knife — June 8 — Exclusive

The newly restored sophomore film from “mumblecore” pioneer Andrew Bujalski comes to MUBI this June. Shot on 16mm in the music scene of New York, Mutual Appreciation portrays the lives of wavering twenty-somethings with Bujalski’s signature compassion, sharp social observation and wry humor.

Mutual Appreciation — June 14 — Exclusive

To celebrate what would have been Abbas Kiarostami’s 79th birthday, MUBI presents the Iranian master’s Japan-set final dramatic feature, Like Someone in Love (Cannes ‘2012).

Like Someone in Love — June 22

MUBI’s on-going series of cinematic adaptations continues with Joss Whedon’s modern retelling of Much Ado About Nothing — Shakespeare’s classic comedy about two pairs of lovers. Starring Nathan Fillion and Amy Acker.

Much Ado About Nothing — June 30