MUBI Announces March 2019 Highlights

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Streaming service MUBI has announced highlights for its upcoming March slate, which include a slew of great Japanese titles, along with a series of director double features and more.

Take a look below for selections and head over to for more information.

What Is An Auteur? Director Double Features

MUBI’s new ongoing series continues to explore what constitutes an auteur, while shedding light on some of cinema’s finest masters along the way. Arranged in a series of director double bills, this month’s program will highlight four of contemporary arthouse cinema’s most vital voices: Christian Petzold, Abel Ferrara, Catherine Breillat and Carlos Reygadas.

Barbara — March 2
Phoenix — March 3
Anatomy of Hell — March 16
Sex Is Comedy — March 17
King of New York — March 8 Battle in Heaven — March 29
4:44 Last Day on Earth — March 9 Silent Light — March 30

Radical Observation: The Films of Kazuhiro Soda — Exclusive
MUBI is proud to announce a four-film special dedicated to one of the great modern observational documentarians, Kazuhiro Soda. The program is presented in partnership with Brooklyn’s Spectacle Theater, which will also be showing a comprehensive retrospective of the Japanese filmmaker’s work throughout March. MUBI’s selection includes the Peabody-winning film Campaign (Berlin ‘07) and the exclusive online premiere of Soda’s latest work Inland Sea – straight from last year’s Berlinale.

Inland Sea — March 4
Peace — March 5
Campaign — March 18
Campaign 2 — March 19

Love and Death in Japan — Exclusive
A double bill of recent Cannes favorites by two of Japan’s modern masters of cinema. Both Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Journey to the Shore (Cannes ‘15) and Naomi Kawase’s Still the Water (Cannes ‘14) take place on a becalming canvas through which the filmmakers tackle the many questions, regrets and emotions that arise with life’s non-negotiable end. A look at two distinct visions of love, life and death.

Journey to the Shore — March 14
Still the Water — March 15

More from Japan!
Beyond celebrating the work of Soda, Kurosawa and Kawase, MUBI’s March program will feature two other great films from Japan. Mark Olex and Francesca Scalisi’s stunning and surreal documentary Half-Life in Fukushima is showing in commemoration of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster’s eight-year anniversary. MUBI will also revive Teruo Ishii’s classic yakuza thriller Blind Woman’s Curse to celebrate the birthday of its star, the prolific Japanese actress Meiko Kaji.

Half-Life in Fukushima — March 11
Blind Woman’s Curse — March 24

Red Hollywood
The Golden Age of Hollywood had a complicated relationship with varying, even contradictory, ideologies – communism was flirted with quietly (and boldly) throughout the era. MUBI is presenting two films that broach this contentious subject: an essential documentary by Thom Andersen and Noël Burch guided by previously blacklisted voices, and King Vidor’s unusually bold view of communal working life during the Great Depression.

Red Hollywood — March 20
Our Daily Bread — March 21

Ida Lupino: Actress, Director, Producer, Pioneer
Starring, directed, and even self-distributed by the legendary Ida Lupino, The Bigamist is a larger-than-life (and yet, remarkably true to life) melodrama well worth a revisit. MUBI is proud to celebrate the only woman to work as a producer and director in the 1950s Hollywood studio system.

The Bigamist — March 28

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