Short Film: Andy Goes In

As we continue our highlights from this season’s Fandependent Film Festival, this week’s pick comes to us from director Josh Polon and his documentary Andy Goes In. The film follows a man dubbed Andy, who infiltrates a chicken farm in order to expose illegal business practices and abuse, which led to a public apology and (supposedly) more stringent inspections from Tyson and McDonalds.

It’s never easy to see animal abuse on camera, but if we don’t want these practice to continue we need to make the public aware, and that’s just what this film does.

If you want to support this film, check out their festival entry over at Fandependent Films here and consider voting for them. The winner of the winter festival will receive a $1000 cash prize.

Full disclosure, we are promotional partners with Fandependent, however we receive no monetary gain form the partnership and all opinions are our own.

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