Slamdance 2017: Award Winners Announced

The 2017 Slamdance Film Festival is wrapping up and with that this year’s award winners have been announced. Daniel Warth‘s Dim The Fluorescents won the Narrative Feature Jury Prize, with Stefan AvalosStrad Style winning the Documentary Feature Jury Prize.

Audience Awards included Dave Made a Maze for Narrative Feature and Strad Style for Documentary Feature.

Take a look below for all the winners and check out last week’s Film Pulse Podcast to hear our thoughts on Slamdance 2017.

Jury Awards | Narrative Features

Narrative Feature Grand Jury Prize
Dim the Fluorescents
(Canada) World Premiere

Director: Daniel Warth; Screenwriter(s): Miles Barstead, Daniel Warth

Jury statement: “Empathetic, weird and insanely funny, this film delivers its crazy script with guts & panache. It’s a delight–beautifully executed and smart as a whip. The jury is thrilled to present the grand jury prize for best narrative feature to DIM THE FLUORESCENTS.”


Narrative Features Honorable Mention
Kate Can’t Swim
(USA) World Premiere

Director: Josh Helman; Screenwriter(s): Jennifer Allcott, Josh Helman

Jury statement: “Flawless in its execution of portraying real relationships with believably nuanced characters, authentic on-screen chemistry and an engaging story that thrives on what isn’t said.”


Jury Awards | Documentary Features, Documentary Shorts

Documentary Feature Grand Jury Prize
Strad Style
(USA) World Premiere

Director: Stefan Avalos

Jury statement: “For capturing a journey of passion and commitment, honesty and the triumph of one vision against all odds.’


Documentary Feature Honorable Mention
The Modern Jungle

Director(s) & Screenwriter(s): Charles Fairbanks, Saul Kak

Jury statement: “For its beautiful cinematography, for a compassionate journey into a dangerous and uncharted world.”


Documentary Short Grand Jury Prize

Director(s): Francesca Scalisi, Mark Olexa

Jury statement: “For an arresting portrayal dramatically shot of human trauma and its consequence.”


Documentary Short Honorable Mention

Director: Fabio Palmieri

Jury statement: “For its visionary take on the dehumanized face of immigration.”


Jury Awards – Narrative Shorts/Animated Shorts

Narrative Shorts Grand Jury Prize
No Other Way To Say It

Director and Screenwriter: Tim Mason

Jury statement: “Brave new voice, that found the magical combination to create the complete short film. “It’s Good There’s no other way to say it.”


Narrative Shorts Honorable Mention
Oh What a Wonderful Feeling

Director and Screenwriter: François Jaros

Jury statement: “Powerful storytelling that found a way to lean away from the stereotypes and consider the humans within the context, with a technical savvy and social responsibility this film reminds us to witness everyone and to see their power.”


Animated Shorts Grand Jury Prize
Hold Me (Ca Caw Ca Caw)

Renee Zhan

Jury statement: “For its brilliant, and nuanced portrait of power and control and the pain that this artists creates. This honest voice found a way to share a very private moment with a flawless combination of oppressed levity”


Animated Shorts Honorable Mention
My Father’s Room
(South Korea) North American Premiere

Director and Screenwriter: Nari Jang

Jury statement: “This heartbreaking portrait of a girl’s broken relationship and the lifelong effects of growing up with an abusive father found a way to sear into its audience to look at the root of pain, asking us to reflect if we could ever escape its cloud. A complete and touching film.”


Jury Awards – Experimental Shorts/Anarchy Shorts
Experimental Shorts Grand Jury Prize


Director: Ariana Gerstein

Jury statement: “We are impressed by the unusual and meticulous process involved in making UpCycles. We are even more affected that the process never overshadowed the pure visual delight of experiencing this experimental film.”


Experimental Shorts Honorable Mention

Director and Screenwriter: Carolina Charry Quintero

Jury statement: “We were surprised by the unexpected shifts between the documentary, narrative, and experimental moments in Blua, and we look forward to seeing the path the filmmaker takes with her future work.”


Anarchy Shorts Grand Jury Prize
Ape Sodom

Director and Screenwriter: Maxwell McCabe-Lokos

Jury statement: “While we were impressed by the strange and fully realized world of this film, we were more impressed by seeing how many objects someone could shove up their ass at one time. Ape Sodom not only lived up to its name — it embodies the spirit of anarchy.”


Anarchy Shorts Honorable Mention
Horseshoe Theory
(USA) World Premiere

Director: Jonathan Daniel Brown

Jury statement: “At a time when America is more divided than ever, this film gives us the hope that two opposing sides can set aside their differences, come together, work together, fall in love… and cum together.”


Spirit of Slamdance Award Winner:

Neighborhood Food Drive

(USA) World Premiere

Director: Jerzy Rose; Screenwriter(s): Halle Butler, Mike Lopez, Jerzy Rose


Audience Awards

Audience Award for Narrative Feature:

Dave Made a Maze

(USA) World Premiere

Director: Bill Watterson; Screenwriter(s): Steven Sears, Bill Watterson


Audience Award for Documentary Feature:

Strad Style

(USA) World Premiere

Director: Stefan Avalos


Audience Award for Beyond Feature:

Future ‘38

(USA) World Premiere

Director and Screenwriter: Jamie Greenberg