Slamdance 2018: Wendy McColm’s BIRDS WITHOUT FEATHERS Trailer

Slamdance 2018: Wendy McColm's BIRDS WITHOUT FEATHERS Trailer 1
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One film that I’m very interested in checking out at Slamdance this year (and one that we previously featured on Kickstart Sunday) is Wendy McColm‘s dark comedy Birds Without Feathers, and today its first trailer was released. The film revolves around six dysfunctional people desperately trying to make a connection to the world. In addition to directing, McColm also writes and stars in the film, which will be making its debut on January 19th in Park City.

Take a look below for the trailer via The Playlist:

A bleak reality introduces us to six characters yearning to be seen and heard. Janet aka The Janet J, a wannabe Instagram star, seeks identity in others’ approval, while her boyfriend Sam remains unable to face his fears and perform as a stand-up comedian. Tom, a Russian Cowboy obsessed with Jeff Goldblum, desperately wants to fulfill his image of the American Dream. Daniel, a self-help tape maker, has never been able to help himself, and Marty, a victimizing caretaker, uses her profession to gain attention and the help she incapable of asking for. And Jo, a desert dwelling woman with multiple personas, stealing the identities of others to avoid her inability to be vulnerable. These humans collide in hopes of connection, and in the process create a world of disillusion.