Spectrevision Does VR in the First Trailer for TRANSFERENCE

I love it when my love for film and my love for interactive entertainment merge and such is the case with Transference, a new game from Spectrevision which was announced at last year’s E3 and just got a new trailer at this year’s E3. The game, launching this Fall on VR systems (Oculus, Vive, PSVR), stars Macon Blair as a troubled scientist who creates a twisted digital simulation formed from the memories of his family members, forcing you the player to solve the mystery held within. The game also features Lindsay Burdge and Tyler Crumley – and not CG renders of the actors either. That’s right folks, we have FMV in this game amping me up even more. Don’t have a VR rig yet? Don’t worry, because it was announced today that Transference will also be released on traditional platforms as well.

Transference™ plunges players into the experiment of the brilliant yet troubled scientist Raymond Hayes: a corrupted digital simulation of his family formed using the collective brain data of his wife Katherine, son Benjamin, and Raymond himself. Shifting back and forth between the individual perspectives of each family member, players piece together the mystery as they go hands-on to search for clues, solve puzzles, and discover the corrupted consciousness of a family.