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Stories about cross-town rivals are nothing new.  We’ve all read about them or seen TV shows or movies about them.   The same can be said about the profound impact of city financial budget cuts that affect thousands of teachers’ jobs and the education of countless children and teenagers.   You only need to look at your nightly local news to see a story about a violent flair up between rivals or how yet another school had its doors closed due to budget cuts.   It’s an unfortunate sign of the times that always seems to paint such a negative picture but when it’s turned into an unexpected positive that is something to take notice of.   Such is the case of the teachers and students at Martin Luther King High School in Philadelphia, PA and they are the subject of Judd Ehrlich’s documentary We Could Be King. 

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BEARS Blu-ray Review

I was already sold on Disneynature's Bears when the trailer featuring Phillip Phillips' song "Home" offered up a heartwarming overlay to the captivating shots of grizzly bears frolicking in the wild.

But from the moment I popped in the Blu-ray and hit 'play,' I was immediately reminded how impressive these studio documentaries truly are. Every scene was so perfectly framed; one could easily do a screen grab at any time, hit print, and produce a beautiful still image suitable for hanging on a wall.


Kickstart Sunday: THE POWER OF GLOVE

As a child, as soon as I saw the amazingly bad Nintendo commercial that was stretched into a feature-length movie, The Wizard, I wanted a Power Glove so bad.  Although Santa never placed one under our tree during the holidays, I did have

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THE DOG Review

In 1975 director Sidney Lumet released an unconventional heist film by the name of Dog Day Afternoon, which starred Al Pacino as an unlikely bank robber trying to snag some money to pay for a sex change for his transgendered girlfriend. The story seemed outlandish and far ahead of its time, but as the old saying goes, truth is stranger than fiction.

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According to its synopsis, director Ginnetta Correli’s documentary The Beauty Strip is a film about individual erotic perception, however, in execution, it seems that perception is focused on the viewer rather than the subjects of the film itself. This short journey into nude modeling is comprised of experimental vignettes, shot using various filters set to bombastic dubstep and electronic music. While the film looks quite good in certain areas, the overall message of the film becomes blurred behind what can be viewed as just a series of softcore porn clips.



During the video game crash of the early ’80s, Atari famously buried a truckload of E.T. Atari 2600 cartridges out in a New Mexico landfill.  For some reason, a team of filmmakers recently excavated this location and made a documentary about it



MTV has released a new trailer for its upcoming documentary No Cameras Allowed, which follows young photographer and filmmaker James Marcus Haney as he documents music festivals by sneaking into them and inserting himself backstage with some of the most popular musicians working


Kickstart Sunday: BUCKET

This week’s Kickstart Sunday pick comes from The Lucas Brothers and their documentary Bucket, which looks at bucket drummers on the streets of Chicago.  The film looks to be a much a love letter to Chicago as an expose on

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Although the idea of Ron Howard directing a documentary revolving around Jay-Z’s Made in America festival in Philadelphia may sound like an interesting team-up, the result is a fairly by-the-numbers concert movie that tries a bit too hard explaining the American dream through the backstories of some of the most popular working musicians today.


Here’s a New Clip from VIDEO GAMES: THE MOVIE

Variance Films has released a new clip from the upcoming video game doc Video Games: The Movie, which takes a look at the history of video games and their impact on the cultural landscape.  The film is narrated by Sean Astin and



Indiewire has premiered the new trailer for A Life in Dirty Movies, a documentary looking back at the life of “The Ingmar Bergman of 42nd Street” Joe Sarno.  Now 88 years old, Sarno and his wife, Peggy, are setting out to