DWF 2019: Award Winners Announced

The 22nd edition of Dances With Films is coming to and end, and with that the award winners from this year’s festival have been announced. Andrew Gibson‘s Gutterbug won the Grand Jury Award with Gavin Michael Booth‘s Last Call and


DWF 2019: BLOWING UP RIGHT NOW Exclusive Trailer

Here’s an exclusive trailer debut for Tom Morris‘ comedy Blowing Up Right Now, which will be having its world premiere at this year’s Dances With Films, kicking off June 13th.

The film will be making its premiere at DWF in Los Angeles

no-alternative 7


Drawing inspiration from his life, director William Dickerson heads to the grunge era in his latest film, No Alternative, an angst-ridden, coming-of-age film about growing up amid the post-grunge and underground hip-hop movements in the mid-nineties.

till-death 5

DWF 2018: TILL DEATH Review

With its murky black-and-white visuals, Matt Eames’ thriller Till Death presents an interesting premise, but, while it aims for Hitchcock-ian suspense, it falls short due to its lackluster script and drab characters.



With VR technology finally becoming something consumers can experience with the release of the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and, to a lesser extent, Samsung Gear VR, it seems only fitting that we would start getting films that paint a picture of what our future could be like if this technology explodes into the mainstream and evolves into something much more than a simple device to play games and watch media.


2017 Dances With Films Festival Announces Lineup

The 2017 Dances With Films Festival is gearing up for its 20th edition starting on June 1st though the 11th in Los Angeles. This year’s lineup has been announced, which includes 74 world premieres and 36 west coast premieres. We’ve covered DWF for
TheLastTreasureHunt 7.5


Oliver and Lucy Sinclair were raised on an island. Every year their father, Robert, would create elaborate treasure hunts where the kids would need to run about the house and the island in order to find clues that would lead to a hidden treasure.

WTH-teaser-poster-1 6.5


Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat: If you aren’t a fan of Wes Anderson’s catalogue of films, you’ll have problems with Oliver Thompson’s Welcome to Happiness. Stylistically and tonally, this is an Anderson clone, from the slow-motion walks to the quirky sets and camerawork. If this is something you can look at as homage, rather than cloning someone else’s voice, then you’ll have a good time with this film.

frank 7.5


Figuring out how to get an audience to see a film that viewers may have preconceived notions about can certainly be a challenge, and it rests in the hands of the filmmakers and promoters to do just that. Hello, My Name is Frank… – a coming-of-age, road-trip film that features a developmentally disabled individual – appears on the surface to be exploitative in the worst kind of way. However, this film is filled with endearing characters on a journey that isn’t at all exploitative and has plenty of heart, laughs and cussing.


DWF 2015: HONEYGLUE Trailer

Screening at this year’s Dances with Films Festival in Los Angeles, we have the first trailer for Honeyglue, from writer-director James Bird. The film stars Adriana Mather as a young woman who discovers she only has three months to live and decides to

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DWF 2015: ALL I NEED Review

The setup for Dylan Narang’s feature debut, All I Need, is simple enough: a girl awakes, tied up in a room with multiple other girls – some dead, some unconscious – and she’s unaware of how she got there. Now she must escape before a masked killer comes back and kills her.

Sound familiar? Where this film slightly deviates from those like it is that there’s another story unfolding while the girl, Chloe (Caitlin Stasey), is trying to make her escape. The perspective randomly shifts to a guy being sent on seemingly random errands by a seemingly random Russian man over the phone. The two stories appear to have nothing to do with one another, but guess what? They eventually converge.



When people call films “formulaic,” they are undoubtedly referring to the fact that those films follow the same structure as many that have come before it – predictable, unoriginal, not very compelling or even boring. Movies have been around for more than a century now, and it goes without saying that, at some point, one film is going to look like another you may have seen before.


DWF 2015: Linda Brown’s YOU SEE ME Clip (Exclusive)

Here we have an exclusive clip from the upcoming documentary You See Me, produced and directed by Linda Brown and making its world premiere at this year’s Dances With Films Festival in Los Angeles. In the film, Brown compiles photos, Super 8 and