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The ultimate testosterone-fuelled, ’80s-action throwback series, The Expendables, is back in its third and most boisterous installment to date. Touting more characters and mindless action than ever before, The Expendables 3 brings together a plethora of aging action stars and pits them against wave after wave of generic villains in an attempt to up the ante yet again. But in a post-The-Raid-2 world, is there still a place for this type of action that favors gunplay and explosions over meticulously choreographed martial arts?


THE EXPENDABLES 3 Gets a New Trailer

As a fan of ’80s action flicks, I bought into the first two Expendables movies and had a good bit of fun watching the big, dumb, action explode onto the screen.  With The Expendables 3, however, I’m just not feeling it with

‘Expendables 2’ Back To R Rating

‘Expendables 2’ Back To R Rating

There have been rumors floating around for a few weeks now that the upcoming Expendables 2 is back to and R rating, after fans scoffed at the idea of it being PG-13. Originally Sylvester Stallone and Chuck Norris stated that the